Chabua Trip

GSLGC organised a trip to air force station chabua on the eve of republic day.

The main objective of the trip was to make the students aware on what goes into serving the nation, to motivate them to join air force. Details on how an air force aspirant can pursue a career in it I. E. Criteria, qualification, age limit were provided to the student.

Various equipments, arms and ammunitions were also displayed as a part of the programme.

The exhibits consisted of-
Different types of missiles : Air-to-air missiles, Surface-To-Air Missiles, Defence Missile, Cruise Missiles, etc.
Different types of riffles :
INSAS, Multi calibre individual weapon system (MCIWS), AKM, AK103,M4 Carbine, etc
Static Display : Sukhoi 30 MKI, MIG 21, MIG 29, etc

National Youth Day

Co-curricular activities helps build character and develop multiple skills in learners.
Presenting creative activities of rangoli, non-gas cooking, string art, face painting conducted on the occasion of National Youth Day, 2020 under the guidance of eco club in G.S Lohia girls’ college

Chess Tournament

We are happy to share that the earnest effort of the participants along with the unshakable support of their teacher community, has allowed GSLGC to reach this pinnacle.

Congratulating ! Twinkle patgiri of 1 st sem for bagging the First prize at the recently held – dibrugarh university inter college chess tournament 2019, a 2 day event at DHSK commerce college.

Competing against almost 50 competitors from other colleges, Twinkle patgiri and the other participants from GSLGC handled the prelims of tournament with much ease and cut through for the finals giving the message that
awards flow when consistent diligence meets beliefs.

Cultural Gala

“Cultural differences should not seperate us from each other, but rather cultural diversity brings a collective strength that can benefit all humanity”
With this intention in our hearts and minds, to celebrate this cultural diversity of our nation and to instill this value of collective strength in the students an event of cultural gala was organised in G.S Lohia girls’ college with participation from students in overwhelming numbers in duet dance, solo dance and song of different genres.

Teachers’ Day

Teachers…the facilitators and guides of our lives. Be it a mentor, a coach, or an authority figure we look up to, we find ourselves indebted to those people who had a positive effect on our lives. Thus, on the special day of 5th September, the birthday of Late Mr. Sarvapally Radhakrishnan, we celebrate the influence of our teachers by thanking them for their help and unconditional support in our lives.

VISTA 2019

As the name suggests vista, the landmark event of GSLGC, can be considered as the panoramic view of a succession of remembered or anticipated performances and events done for the newbies and the outgoing graduates. As GSLGCstrives to keep their scholars encouraged to become responsible global citizens, thus, like every year this year, too the extravagant ceremony of vista( freshers and graduates meet) was organised with much grandeur to honour the scholars and freshers who successfully cleared their previous stages of life and stepped into a new phase. The theme kept for this year vista was Alice in wonderland with the view to impart all the students, the lesson that our time is limited in this world. So we shouldn’t waste it living someone’s else’s life. We need to create our own wonderland.

Council Elections

The most sought after and noteworthy event for any college is its council elections.  The council members (2019-20) of G.S Lohia Girls College who are actually one of the pillars of the college, determined towards fulfilling the responsibilities and leading the college towards a better environment were elected by their students on 25th June 2019.


Leadership and motivation-the two most important themes that construct our lives or change it in a positive way. The students of G.S Lohia Girls College were provided the opportunity to share their experiences on the above topic, which they availed by participating in overwhelming numbers with the aim to give people insight of their real life instances which they believed were a major turning point in the journey of their lives.


The word yoga itself, derived from Sanskrit meaning to join or to unite, symbolizing the union of body and consciousness, splendidly epitomizes its importance and significance in one’s life. The 5th annual international yoga day was celebrated at G.S Lohia girls’ college on 21st June 2019 to raise awareness among the students of the various benefits of practicing yoga.

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