MEADOWS , was a special event held on the occasion of international woman’s day on 8th March, 2022. Alumanae Bandita Das took the stage to share life lessons and motivated the students followed by Shraddha Bhajanka , a toastmaster and an edu-preneur shared some most valuable words on public speaking, highlighting its importance and motivating the students. The program also included dance and song performed by the students to cherish womanhood. A special platform was also launched where we can connect to the Alumnae through the Instagram page STORY OF AN ALUMNAE where the alumnae share their life’s journey.



ENLIVEN THE VISION was the wall magazine decoration competition held by the wall magazine department. The various topics given were changes of season , winter wonderland and Christmas, according to which each group decorated their respective boards exquisitely.



CATCH THE BEAT was an intra college dance competition brought by the cultural department of the college. It was held on 24th December, 2021 in the college auditorium. Many students participated in the competition and put their best foot forward and winning the hearts of everyone.



INCR-EDIBLES was an intra college creative competition under UTSAAH,  organised by the creative department which was held on 20th December, 2021. The competition included icing on the cake and Dream Catcher making under the theme of Christmas. Participants displayed their splendid skills through the competition.


AEONIAN , was the culmination of graduates and freshers where the freshers were made to interact and the graduates were given a teary farewell. It included a formal session wherein badges , certificates and souvenirs were distributed by the members of the Governing body of GS LOHIA GIRLS COLLEGE. The new uniform of the college was also unveiled during this grand celebration.
It was later followed by a informal session where Miss Fresher and Miss farewell was conducted and judged by Barkha Agarwal and Anisha Agarwal.

Celebrating Milestone

GSLGC on the occasion of its silver jubilee is celebrating the grand event through social media engagements by its students and teachers. The social media countdown campaign has been started from 1st August and will continue till the date of main event i.e 8th August, 2021.
Check out our social media to participate.

Milestone – Enroute soon

The legacy of G. S. Lohia Girls’ College has been entwined in a revolutionary approach to women’s education, and we could not be more ecstatic that we get to see this milestone.
On 8th August 2021, we spend the festivities with the honourable Governing Body, the Parents’ Association, and the teachers of G. S. Lohia Girls’ College.
The relationships and acquaintances we have built are very valuable to us and we are proud to be home to some of the brightest minds and toughest women. We hope that this achievement is the first in a line of many bigger and brighter things to come.
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