The Award Winning Speech of Declamation –AN INDIA OF 2022, 75 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE

“My vision of India for the year 2022 is that India in 2022 has entered the ranks of developed nations and not tagged as a developing nation. The tag of developing nation has been attached to India for far too long given the amount of resources available. There are several fronts on which India has changed in the last 20 years.

To start with, let me put forward my vision of India’s political system. The people of India are satisfied with the administration of the ruling democratic party. The politicians are no longer looked upon as tainted. They are working sincerely for their constituency. The reports of cases of corrupt officials have died down in numbers. The common man is no more dreadful of the office works involving a visit to public offices such as the municipal corporation.

Next, comes the vision of a clean and green India. The people are aware of the importance of the trees. The cities are planned properly so that there is enough fresh air for everyone to take in. The drainage systems are working perfectly. There is no problem of water-logging, especially in the rainy season. There are trees planted on the roadside at regular intervals.

On the social front, I think India in 2022 is a secular country in a true sense. The people are broad-minded in terms of tolerance to others religion and beliefs. The incidents of religious disputes and riots have become a thing of past in 2022. There exist peace and harmony among the people of my country.

On the economic front, the gap between the rich and poor has been filled to some extent. The people have realized that population explosion is a root cause to their misery and poverty. The Government is working sincerely to provide an earning to all the people of India through the Five Year Plans and others plans of similar intents.

So far, I have discussed the vision of India in 2022 in which I can play a small part. I can’t expect myself to bring all the changes unless my countrymen share my vision and are willing to work along with to realize the vision. Together we can make use of the resources properly to project India as a power on the world map.

Now, speaking on the technology front, of which I hope to be a part of, I see India as having developed a scientific community on a large scale. There are a lot of hard-working scientists who are putting their efforts to make sure that India doesn’t lack behind in the technology. Now,there are some Nobel laureates in India as well.

What can I contribute to my vision? I will try to work sincerely in the best interests of my country. I will try to ensure that I can make an impact in the technological fields of computer science. Apart from that, I would try to act as a good citizen of India. I would try to spread my vision to my locality and convince others to work sincerely for the progress of our country, for their future, for the future of India. “

By Priyanka Chamaria.

National Seminar @ Kaziranga University- an experience by Priyamoni Debnath

A mix of emotions that linked to my experience floated through my body that night. A sign of anticipation and anxiety of the coming day could not be suppressed at all. I still wonder that I slept at all that night. But I did. Those nervous deliberations crept into my calm composure. Next day, my mind was flooded with jumbled exhilaration. I struggled to focus my mind on the day before me. My intense stress level was minimized as we entered the campus of The Assam Kaziranga University. A beautiful initiative was taken up by the School Of Business of Kaziranga University, organizing Two Day National Seminar on “Innovative Management Practices for Sustainable Development”.

We–a group of 4 anxious students and 1 teacher boarded a trip heading towards the university for the two-day national seminar. As we reached there, we were proceeded for registration session and then to the hostel where we refreshed ourselves. Then, ultimately the seminar started with an inauguration session where the chief guest and the counselor for the First Technical Session was felicitated with an assamese gamcha and also he delivered his views about the seminar and the university. Then, the Vice Chancellor of Kaziranga University, Dr. Sunil Rai delivered his own ethics, expectation, rich heritage  and views about the university. At the end of the inauguration session Mr. Puneet Choudhury, Assistant Professor of the University delivered the vote of thanks. After a lunch break of 1hour the First Technical Session of the National Seminar started which was headed by playing a game on leadership management by the Chief Guest with a group of 5 students of the university itself and then the participants were asked to present their paper. Following this, the 1st Technical Session came to an end.

The next day, schedule of the seminar started with the Second Technical Session, following a tea-break for 15-20 mins. As the 2nd technical session came to an end, Valedictory session was conducted where participation certificate were given to all the participants and Vote Of Thanks was delivered by an Assistant Professor of School of Business of the Assam Kaziranga University.

Finally, after having lunch, the moment of our departure arrived which brought us in a state of déjà vu of all the beautiful moments of the trip. After visiting the University and participating in the National Seminar, we came to a conclusion that such tours have great educational value and we gathered enormous knowledge during our two day trip. We’ll cherish them forever and ever………

MY MOTHER # MAA By sanchita dhar


  • By sanchita dhar


Maa – Whenever I call you maa

 Deep down feel so relief;

 My heart mummers to me

 Ya , you are not alone.

Maa – Whenever I call you maa

 IT just touches my heart;

 As it remind me of your selfless part.

Maa – Whenever I call you maa

  I feel fortunate enough;

 As I know you are so strong and tough.

Maa – Whenever I call you maa

  It reminds me of your role;

  As its so tough and untold.

 You have raised me sao well,

 And I know no one ever can.

Maa – Whenever I call you maa

  I feel way beyond and glad;

  I appreciate you every time

 As you are so bold and devine.

Maa –  Whenever I call you maa

  It remembers me all your sacrifice;

 As all those sleepless nights

 Whenever you are near;

 I feel so relief and out of fear.

Maa – Whenever I call you maa

 I just want to briefcase that,

 I love you to the moon and beyond that.


VISION OF A BETTER WORLD By Twinkle Mandhania.  

We all have eyes, but seeing is an art, how do we go about identifying the good and how do we differentiate the good and how do we differentiate between a winner or a looser. Sometimes what is missing is as informative and subjective as what is found. Distinctly every question itself is the head and tail of its solution. What is lost and where it was lost itself is the treasure of its origin! We travel long miles to hunt for the solution of the maze that life offers, but probably the upsetting route makes our mind the subtle hints that is offered to us which makes us march towards a path that should not be walked upon.

The distracted looses and the insecured individuals wander around the world to rejoice their emptied life and search peace and purity and the true meaning of happy life! They dream of better tomorrow by fulfilling the materialistic desires but what time says us to undertake, we look at it with no peer attention and thus we take a move. What time and life tells us is not to run after peace, but to look at the world with the vision of heart and not by eyes of numeric values and unrealistic or temporary up gradations!

Peace is something that is within our own self. Peace is a child secured with three meals a day, peace is a woman contented, peace is a man filled with hopes and aspirations, peace is a family at prayer, a neighborhood that is friendly, a society that is optimistic, a city that is urban and is endowed with values, a nation that is united, a world that is armed with the greatest and most effective weapon ever known, KINDNESS and HOSPITALITY! It’s all about the way we want to look at everybody out here. It’s all about human understanding. It’s all about a life that has a simple yet a fanciful meaning.


Born by parents –teachings of life given by you,

Started walking destination shown by you,

Learned language grammar taught by you,

Started smiling reason cultivated by you,

Planted flowers usefulness shown by you,

Learned ABCD but sentences taught by you

Started crying –tears wiped by you,

Inculcated manners but values added by you,

Lessons of life; teachings given by you,

To judge the right –the wrong was detected by you,

Love the life, had a great fun walking this path,

This journey is being awesome with teachers like you.





LESSONS OF LIFE! BY Twinkle Mandhania, B.Com, 5th


Once, I found myself between the level of insanity,

Cause I was blames for being a demotivating soul!

Once, I fund myself above the limit of foolishness,

Where I learned that things never remain the same as it is today,

As beautiful as a flower roll!!

Many a times, its above obvious that I think and sob,

About all that happened behind that silent knob!

Wasn’t creepy, until fate acted the course of non wisdom,

Unfortunate results made me stronger and perfect for some act of system!!

Would ever this situation end?

I thought recklessly!

And then rose a voice of love from high above,

That turned the fire of suffering,

Into the molten smoke of blessings very easily!!

Never lose hope, he said!

Never drown your soul, he said!

I was delighted and I smiled!

He thundered and prompted

Don’t seek happiness its not easy!

Work hard and have faith

Ill make this moment worth and freezy!

I learned about the temporary disagreements of life and carefree secrets!

Promised with me, to stay cherished no matter how much life offers us these pages of mess!!!



ACCUNTING OF LIFE by Sriparna Kar, B.Com 5th


What comes in debit!

What goes out credit!

My birth is my opening balance,

My ideas is my investments,

My views are my liabilities,

Happiness is my profit,

Sorrow is my loss,

Soul is my goodwill,

Heart is my mortgage,

Duties are my outstanding liabilities,

Friendship is my hidden adjustment,

Character is my capital,

Bad things always depreciate,

Good things always appreciate,

Knowledge is my asset,

Patience is my interest,

My mind is a bank balance,

Thinking is a current account,

Behavior is my journal entry,

Death is my closing balance.



Which career to opt for?

A: Hey B! What have you decided to do after your graduation?

B: I am thinking of going for LLB.

These words may not be some

unately, many of us are still core trying to remove this confusion by sharing a way to choose career, effectively.

A: And why did you choose this?

thing very new for all. Wecome across such questions many a time and unfort

B: This is obviously because I had a keen interest on

nfused which career they should choose for their future.

Here, through this article we a

this subject since and I had always thought for this profession. According to our Hindidialogues, “humein wahi karna chahiye Jo humara dil kahe”.

C: “Lekin mera dil to kuch kehta hi nahi.”

This is the major problem what we faceis we don’t know which direction we should go to. Dil kyakehta hai means what we are passionate about. It’s not that humara dil kuch ni kehta but rather hum nisamajhpaateki humara dil kyakehrahahai. The reason why people are so confused about their career is because they don’t know what they are passionate about or rather they don’t know that which career suit their interest.

So here is a process that can solve this problem. This can be time consuming but we believe it is better to utilize some time in this than wasting our whole life by choosing a wrong career.

  1. First of all, find out all the possible courses that you can opt for according to your stream. For instance there are 100 of option for a commerce student which he/ she can go for courses like BCA, Cost Accountant, Chartered Accountant and the list goes on. There are various sources from where we can get to know about these courses but we would suggest getting it from internet would be better because it offers knowledge about all the available courses and other sources like recommendation from elders ETC cannot be that effective because it would provide a limited data.
  2. Once we have got 100 of career option, we have to short list it to 15-20 profession keeping in mind our nature, our likings, our passion and what we feel like we can do.
  3. Next we have to strike out some career option but this time our criteria should be feasibility and affordability of the course. E.g. there are certain courses which may not be available in nearby places and few of us may even be homesick to live away from home. So let’s ignore those and come up with3-4 professions.
  4. So finally we are left with 3-4 options but it may not be possible that we go with all these 3-4. So this is the most crucial stage where we have to choose only 1-2 among those and that will be our future profession(s). So we should take this decision very wisely so that we don’t need to regret in our future.

A: But you know we have already missed that opportunity?

B: how?

A: We have already cleared our 10+2 and many of us have not secured good marks in +2.

C: yes! All the doors of opportunity have been closed for us as we cannot score 98-99%. Even after scoring 90+ we cannot get admission in the best colleges of the country as the cut off percentage is very high.

This is again a common believe. We feel our career is finish if we cannot score good marks in +2. But friends it is just the beginning – the first hurdle of the race of life. We would explain this by an example- Suppose you are batsman and you are going to bat your very first ball. But unfortunately you missed it. So at that moment what will you do? Leave the pitch and cry for that ball or do your best in the remaining balls. Of course we will be choosing the second option so why cannot we apply it in the pitch of our life? Our 10+2 was the first ball which many of us have missed but there ismany other opportunities that we will get in future and we should grab to excel in our life.

A: But what about the criticism that we get! We often have more opposers than supporters. And we know that whenever we try to choose anything new we get so many criticisms that many of may even drop out the plan.

B: So what to do in that situation?

True! We often come across such people but this time we won’t let them ruin our career. To such sort of people, who advices us not to opt for these thing, ask a simple question “WHY?” And we guarantee that 90% of the people would not have any valid reason for opposing you. It can be because they cannot attain success in that career. But this fact cannot be considered as we are different from each other and our capabilities also differ. So it is nothing that a task which they were unable to do, cannot be done by anyone. The rest 10% may have a valid reason so listen to them, analyse it and make a good use of it, but never change your decision according to it.

So here we end our article. We hope that spending your valuable time for reading this article proves to be beneficial for all.


Alisha Parwin, Diksha Mittal, PannaviAgarwal, MuskanAgarwal, TanishaAgarwal, HeenaAgarwal, Amrita Saha, PalakAgarwal, ShrutiGohain.



Its the time when board exam results are being declared and surprisingly a large number of children are more worried about how their parents will react to it rather than worrying about what their scores will matter to them. Its easy for the students who score good and come with their parent’s expectations but what about the average and below average students? they either stress about the whole thing which get in the way of their performance and when the D-day approaches , they steal from the judging glances of parents. Head bowed down in shame and watery eyes hardly expecting support from their parents is really a heartbreaking sight. And the parents thinking that children had led their heads down in front of family, friends, neighbors, do not support their children. Chiding them and telling them all wrong things is really a bad thing to do. This is the time when children need their parent’s support the most. No one can do it but the parents.
What parents do in this situation is they compare their one’s with other’s children which is very bad. Every parents comparing their child with other’s should think of how would they feel if their child compares them with the parents of his friends who might be more knowledgeable and helpful in their child’s studies and if they are rich enough to secure a seat for their child in a reputable college despite his not so good result. Every parents love their children no matter what. They don’t love and care for the boy who topped the CBSE with 99%. They still love their children despite of the bad resuts and every child is supposed to know this and its the parents who can tell them.
Our Indian parents have an annoying habit of making the board results seem like ultimate judgement of our life, career, and future. The child begins to feel that he would not be able to have a normal life just because he flunked his boards. Once the parents have made their child realize his mistake, they should learn to move on rather bringing it back again and again.
In this situation, what parents actually need to do is: talk with their child, explain them calmly and motivate to move on. First and foremost thing ,parents should know that marks does not represent the ultimate result. Their child has lot more opportunities to grab. Comparing their child with the toppers can put a pressure in child’s mind which pulls them back. This makes them depressed and they try to harm themselves. Parents should talk with their child, suggest them alternatives for their future studies. If any child is in doubt, they can be taken to career counselor . They will help in right decision about studies. One should let their child go towards his interested subjects. Motivating the child will help them to cope-up with the situation. Their talent and knowledge should always be uplifted. It is not necessary to see them as a doctor or as a lawyer. Let him go with his passion. Most vital task is taking care of their child. If they are in depression, they should be consulted to psychologist. 
Results come and go. Major thing is, parents should support and should be positive with their child’s performance.

Career options after (Group no. 2)

Group no. 2

1st sem

1. Rachna Singhania
2. Rishika Agarwal
3. Riya Dutta
4. Harsita Pasari
5. Jyoti Nath
6. Rima Shah
7. Ruchita Agarwal
8. Ankita Mazumder
9. Saima Nasim
10. Lunamoni Gogoi

“I was once afraid of people saying, who does she think she is ? Now I have the courage to stand and say , ” This is who I am.” , says Oprah Winfrey an inspiration to many. It is obvious that everyone wants to be successful in his/her life after all we grew up reciting joyfully our dreams and ambition infront of our loved ones.

But mere imagination doesn’t helps to achieve dreams, a person must be focused as well as passionate and well equipped with knowledge of the particular line he/she wants to choose. Many of the students don’t even know what hidden qualities they possess and what are the fields they can excel in. Such students should consult a career counselor and make the best possible decision they can. And recently I realize that many of us are unaware of the various options available to us and so we are facing difficulty in making the right choice.So, I and my friends decided to keep the topic, ” career options after bcom” so we could be of some help to our classmates.

The main purpose of this article is to make the readers aware of the various options available to them so it can help them to make the right decision. Although there are various options and all could not be discussed but we have discussed some of them of different areas of interests . They are explained as follows –

Human resource manager – Human resource manager ensures employees receive the proper comp compensation and benefits, oversee workplace safety, direct the maintenance of employee records and manage overall hiring, evaluation and labor relations. A human resource manager needs to develop their interpersonal, decision making, organizational leadership and speaking skills and ensure you have the abilityto use human resource management software. Bachelor’s degree programmes in human resources are usually available through a school’s business or management department. Common degrees include a Bachelor of Business administration in Human resources  and a Bachelor of Sciences in Human Resources.

Teacher – Many teachers call their work a labor of love. Teachers and professors have a wide variety of responsibilities including developing classroom curricula, teaching courses, proctoring exams and helping guide students towards academic success. B.ed is an after graduation degree course in India that makes you eligible to teach students in secondary and senior secondary schools. TET (Teacher Eligibility test) exams are conducted individually by each state in India for the admission of teacher. One who wish to become a teacher can get qualified in his/her area of interest.

Company Secretary – A Company Secretary is a senior position in a private sector company or public sector organization, normally in the form of managerial position or above. The Company Secretary is responsible for the efficient administration of a company, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and for ensuring that decision of the board of directors are implemented.

The student who would like to join the course after 10 +2 pass or equivalent has to undergo three stages to purse the Company Secretary course –
Foundation programme
Executive programme
Professional programme
However if the student join after graduation then he has to give only the last two stages.

Charted Accountancy(CA) – The CA course is designed to combine theoretical study with practical training. The Chartered Accountancy course is considered to be one of the most toughest, rigorous, professional course yet it is a rewarding e. If one wants to become a CA he has to register under ICAI. A student has to clear three levels alongwith training and programmes to become a CA.

Fashion Designer – Looking at the general trends that the youth follows, fashion is a big part of the life of a youngster. Contrary to the popular belief, fashion designing has way more aspects to it than just knowing how to stitch clothes. While stepping into the world of fashion one should know everything there is to know about clothes.

Many people who want to become fashion designer start working on it after 10+2 by getting a degree in fashion designing if they love subjects like fine arts or drawing and sketching in school.

Event manager – Event management is a multi million dollar industry which is growing at the rate of 150 % per annum with events being hosted almost daily. So making a career in event management is a good choice. The success of an event manager depends upon how will he organize the event and upto which extent he is able to achieve event and marketing objectives. There is no minimum qualification requirement to become an event manager for non – corporate events. However for organizing corporate events a degree/diploma in event management, PR, tourism, hospitality management, business administration on marketing is a must.

One has to be careful while choosing his/her career as it is a matter of their whole life. Along with growth prospects, a person should also see that if it matches with their interest or not.

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