GSLGC in association with ICTA

As we had earlier informed that in these tough times, GSLGC in association with ICTA has decided to organise a series of power seminar for its students to raise awareness on different topics of recent times, so following that idea ICTA have come up with yet another interesting virtual power seminar to hone up the interpersonal skills of our students. The seminar will be conducted on 17th July 2021.

Superhero without a cape

प्रत्यक्ष विघ्नहर्ता।
My first birthday
I am in my father’s arm as seen in the picture.
17/07/1999 best part of that day was I don’t remember anything, rather my father expressed how special that day was.
He mentioned, the day as
“EXTRA SPECIAL” because I turned one! He said, It seems like yesterday, that you were tiny and new, an angel we can call ours. We light your candle, cut cake just to make you feel, how precious you were to us.
His words made this day more magical….


Poetry Competition

Kudos! to our students- Fatima Jabeen(6th sem) and Shruti Isharwalia(6th sem) for securing 2nd position in inter college poetry competition in english and hindi respectively organised by Bir Raghab Moran Government Model college, Doomdooma on the occasion of world environment day.
Oh how I wished it wasn’t your last spring.
The polaroid of us together pelting stones in the water creating rippling effects,
reminds me of your voice echoing through my brain.
Everytime i look towards the foyer through the windowpane.
It reminds me of you with a book in your hand.
Smiling at me at finding lines that give new prospects of life,
That smile which gives me vigor to endure this hard life,
Just as the rain and greenery give vivacity to nature and wildlife.
I still go hiking in the mountains high,
Those mountains which reflected your high zeal for life.
And then the gloomy clouds remind me that you will soon leave me alone to survive,
Yet i promised to live with the hope that after every darkness there comes a light, just like succeeding fall, the spring,
But, Oh how i wished it wasn’t your last spring.
– Fatima Jabeen
शब्दों में ना कहा जाए,
ऐसी है प्रकृति,
जो आंखों को सुकून पहुंचाए,
ऐसी है अनोखी सी।
जब नदी की लहरे,
तट पर टकराती है,
एक अलग से मिलन का
एहसास कराती है।
बादल की छांव पर
बारिश होती जाती है,
वह मिट्टी की सोंधी सी खुशबू ,
दिल जाती है।
जब हल्की हवाएं,
पेड़ों को छू कर,
उन्हें लहराती है,
वह ताजी हवा,
ठंडक दे जाती।
जब चिड़िया रोज़ सुबह,
चहचहाती है,
कितनी प्यारी गीत,
वो सुनाती है।
शब्दों में ना कहा जाए,
ऐसी है प्रकृति,
जो आंखों को सुकून पहुंचाएं,
ऐसी है अनोखी सी।
By Shruti Isharwalia

Communication Skills Session

To hone up the communication and public speaking skills of our students, the soft skills cell of GSLGC took the initiative of organising communication skills session every Monday, wednesday and friday with effect from 17th May, 2021 from 7:00-7:30 pm under the guidance of Sukomal ma’am.

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