About Us

Through the transformation of a tiny insect that once crawled, to a brilliantly colored that can fly, nature gently unfolds a message, a message that through the much needed affection of nourishment a tiny thing can get big and beautiful, spreading its goodness all over.

The same can be said for G.S. Lohia Girls’ College, the ideas that had no proper architect, gradually through the wisdom, strength and consolation of its contributors grew into a solid form of quality education. The little sapling that was planted by Lohia family and some social workers of Tinsukia (Under Shree Kanya Pathshala Trust) in the year 1996 has grown to be a big tree giving shade and nourishment of knowledge and life lessons, along with co-curricular excellence.

 Tinsukia town, the atmosphere hits you with a blast of hot air from the streets, hustle bustle everywhere, vehicles exhaling obnoxious fumes, supermarkets, sundry shops, vendors and street hawkers, everything makes you feel exhausted, but in midst of all this impaired by the noisy environment, this place holds a distinctive aura due to the presence of the holy temple that makes the whole atmosphere, with excited voices and peals of laughter of the students.

  G.S. Lohia Girls College has gradually grown across the years adding many golden feathers. When this institute took its first step to begin its mission of integral development of girls in the society, it began with hardly any classes and very few teachers. Today, it stands as a skillfully architected building named ‘Lopa Mundra’ which was inaugurated in the year 2010 and was imbibed life into it when the long awaited classes began.

 We can now boast of large classroom with excellent public addressing system facilities, a well-stocked library cum computer room. Internet and medical facilities are also available for students and faculty. Our college is fully equipped and is housed in an imposing building with all modern facilities. Moreover, the recently built state of art auditorium has been proficiently designed with an excellent acoustic system and has a capacity of holding populous audience with the provision of balcony enabling a vista view.

 Education is not just a mystery of 3R’s or 3H’s, it is an overall development. Our college helps every forward for greater deeds.

 Student to develop the qualities of the mind and heart. It stands as a trend setter in quality education. It believes that the true potentials of such students cannot be realized through academics alone. The students need to be provided with opportunities for exploring and enhancing their talents in extra-curricular activities as well. Accordingly, our academic programs are backed by appropriate co-curricular inputs promoting culture, sports, self-governance and values, all of which help the students towards becoming complete human beings. It helps to collaborate with the young in bringing all their talents to fill maturity.

Through the medium of elected student’s council the students run every facet of college activities-especially the inter-college fest-“ENFETE”, compounding fervent planning, passionate practice, an extravaganza of enjoyment, unparallel cultural performances, literary composition and sports activities. This three daylong event is tailored every year by the brilliant minds in a splendid and magnificent manner. The terrific efforts put by the students of creating a benchmark of taking the event to a superior level each year is highly appreciable. Unveiling, the hidden talent of students of different colleges to mirror out an elegant picture of creativity, intelligence and innovation is the chief motive of propelling Enfete. Every year the fresh faces are welcomed and outgoing batch are given last hours to cherish, by beautifully organizing a lavish “Fresher’s cum farewell meet. “This program presents an interactive session, lot of entertainment piece and distribution of rewards and mementos to the farewell students wishing them an enlightened future ahead. Moreover the students coordinate together to arrange a fabulous ‘Teacher’s day to pay tribute to their teachers who are extremely genial, understanding, true guide and a torch to show the brighter path.

 Students are the chief participants in tabulating various fests, celebrations in the institute. It is a fact that every major event in the college is straightened out. Handled and systematized solely by the students body. The advantage of such a policy of investing responsibilities in the students is manifold. It gives them a sense of shouldering responsibilities and prepares them for their future to tackle the circumstances better.

 If we talk of academics, we can proudly say that in the past years our college has grown from strength to strength to its majestic splendor. The consistent efforts and hard work of teachers and students have culminated into large number of successful results over the years. The students of G.S. Lohia Girls College have always proved themselves in academic fields and procuring the first ten positions in the Dibrugarh University.

 Lets us also acknowledge the learned masters, both past and present, the teachers and other members’ staff who have contributed their mite towards the molding of our temple. May the story of G.S. Lohia College continue by building on the strong foundation laid by the great missionaries! May the institute continue their mission of imparting quality education with the support of a band of committed and hardworking members of the staff and the highly motivated parents of G.S. Lohia Girls College! The legacy of the pioneers continues with greater enthusiasm and commitment, stepping.



Certain Rules to Remember

  1. Norms of uniform to be strictly followed – Kurta not more than 1 inch above knees, Skin fitted salwars not allowed, dupatta to be pure white, I-cards to be compulsorily worn to be allowed to enter college.
  2. No Mobile Phone will be permitted inside the campus.
  3. Students are not allowed to leave college before exit time without authorised permission.
  4. Any student seeking leave continously for more than 3 days, shall have to take prior permission.
  5. Appearing in internal assessment examinations is compulsory.
  6. Ragging is completely prohibited. Any one found involved in this act will be Expelled from the college and an FIR be lodged to the police.
  7. Any problem faced by the students should be brought to the notice of the principal.



Attendance of classes is compulsory. Students not satisfying the Dibrugarh University norms of attendance may not be allowed to take up their final examination.As per the D.U., 80% attendence is a must. Students not satisfying the criterion may not be allowed to take up their Final Examination.Students are required to behave in a responsible and dignified way inside the campus of the college. Any unseemly behaviour and undesirable habits are severly dealt with. Repeated offence could lead to expulsion of the students from the college.