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We all know, India is a land rich in manpower. And this manpower-rich India has options to invest their skills in their domestic companies or in multinational companies. Nowadays it is mostly seen that Indian’s prefer jobs in MNC’s than in Indian companies. They invest their potentials in the MNC’s. As a result,MNC’s grow. Alongwith this MNC’s have competitive spirit, provide compatible remunerations, transfer of technology, integration of world economies and cultures and technology and many more. According to a research it is found that a major portion of the workforce in MNC’s are Indians.Indians donot go for Indian companies as there is technological problem, low remunerations, etc. In spite of these drawbacks of Indian companies, Indian companies cannot be ignored as Reliance Industries, TATA, Wipro, etc. are showing a commendable progress in the long run. Also MNC’s harm national interest of the host country, exploit workforce and poses a threat to domestic businesses.
             Thus, it can be concluded that investing the skills of the Indians in Indian companies will be fruitful enough for the long run and can thus bring the Indian companies equal to or superior to MNC’s.
                                   By Srestha Bhattacharya
                                   Group member (Group 7)
                                   BCom. 1ST SEMESTER