BELONGINGNESS – By Sukomal Agarwal, Faculty GSLGC

The best person to be with is Myself. There are many who cherish solitude. But the fact remains it’s an exception and not the rule. The decree of life states- community, culture, sharing, involvement, inclusion, groups and not alienation and seclusion.

One summer evening when the sun has set sail towards its home, birds and mild breeze follow to bid farewell, I sit there by my window with a note pad and a pen engrossed in thoughts from all over.      I kick start a conversation with myself with an attempt to recollect all those scattered brainwork, to stack them neatly into my cupboard.

BELONGINGNESS… where do I belong? Where do I wish to belong? How do I reach to where I belong? When a child fixes the pieces of his puzzle, the pieces may get set against their unusual cuts and make a proper square, apparently completing the puzzle but unfortunately depicting no picture. The pieces are a misfit wherever they are, they do not belong there and once they find their right slot, it would be so satiating and fulfilling, as if it has forever been as, it is now. No more hustle bustle required to place them right. We as individuals are the pieces of the Puzzle of Life…Our so called puzzle shall be completely solved when each one finds his own right nook. This is the point we keep running after, all our lives. There would be a time when everything shall be in place, the puzzle shall no longer be a puzzle and I shall sit back and relax, not moving an inch so as to not to disturb the equilibrium. Thus derives a win- win situation for one and all. It Is possible because, this is how things are meant to be, but unlike the child’s puzzle, in the puzzle of life each one of us with our perceptions, challenges and individualities aspire to complete the puzzles for our own selves alone and hence, the Struggle of Life.

“I” cannot be eccentric. The circle of life and living has many centres with their own gravitational intensities. As long as I do not get my own gravitational pull I shall be a discomfort for my being and other beings.

My stack… is not well organised yet. The smaller ones have to go to the top and the bigger ones to provide firmness at the bottom. My first thought of Belongingness appeared out of my nostalgia- and much before I realised it vanished and now after so much beating around the bush I view it a distant corner.

It was so very simple always and it is simpler now knowing well that the key to combat my contention is The Sense of Belongingness- a doctrine that could make students happy, teachers satisfied, employees and colleagues worthy, bosses assured, families contented, friends helpful, kids enjoyable, all in place and hence a solved puzzle.

The urn emerging after this churn quote- the pre requisite is realising identity, focusing on growth and development of self, not by outsiders’ rejection, alienation, isolation and rebellion or divergence but by sharing, understanding, inclusion, involvement and conformity to goodness and goodness alone, others shall follow.

Unfortunately, we are rearing a myopic generation. Our parents endowed to us a rich heritage of loving and giving but its hard to reminisce as to how and when we got  transformed into a self- centered, narrow minded, judgemental, critical and nonetheless, a distrusting race. We need to be ware before we pass on this legacy and enrapture more discomfort for ourselves, our offsprings and our fellow beings.

Involvement not merely by superficial words and actions but by thoughts and emotions and intellect paves way to comfort and relief. Such involvement shall reduce friction- within and without. Involvement and belongingness is self inculcated and as long as we blame or surroundings for lack of it, we shall be a cribbing and a complaining lot. To enjoy wholesomeness we need to experience a pinch of it and the taste is so addicting that all other indulgences shall perish.

Just a small activity for our own selves, out of our so called aimlessly busy schedule, dragging ourselves to nowhere, as we neither have time nor inclination to think beyond. Primarily, Lets shoulder the responsibility for our own state of existence. Well begun shall be half done. Next, realise that me and myself is capable and answerable and none else.  Further, be a part of the process and not a spectator, and if there has to be change, let it be, lest it’s a rebellion, most importantly let all be driven towards that acceptable and progressive change. Being there denotes involvement.  One is uncomfortable only where he doesn’t belong to.  But once I am involved it becomes a part of my existence and I am bound to cherish every niche of my journey as it unfolds.

Dear us, through the roller coaster let us witness each up and down with self contentment via- involvement and belongingness and not a whimsical repentance that the other highway may have been smoother or other travellers seem to be merrier. Let us rejuvenate our old simple beings and become aware that we belong to where we are and we are where we belong to, in order to attain self actualisation and an enduring contentment.

Sukomal  Agarwal