Mumbai Local – Life lesson in 40 minutes -Priyamoni Debnath

” Mumbai” – City of dreams, City of lights, City of love, City of Bollywood and
The last tagline was out of the box, isn’t it??
Yes, it is, because the best life lessons which I learned is from our Mumbai Locals
. A small 40min piece of my daily schedule taught me the best lessons. Let’s begin,
First: Waking up in the morning, running after the bus, trying to reach the
platform in a minute and as I reach, I miss my train of 8:13a.m from Vashi to
CSMT. As the train leave, the indicator pops up with 8:17 a.m. Vashi to CSMT , next train.
And, I learn “If we miss an opportunity, we have the next opportunity hailing
towards us”.
Second: As 8:17am train reaches the platform, it is crowded with hundreds of
people, we all push each other and finally get in. And life says, “You have to fight
for your place in the world”.
Third: Irrespective of getting any seat, I tend to stand at the door. Feel the cool
breeze touching my face in Vashi bridge and slowly tickling my soul, trying to
understand and believe the purpose of my life and someone whisper, “Life is
about flying with the flying times but also experiencing each moment.”
Fourth: Reaching Kurla, you are lost in an ocean of people, everyone tries their
best to get in and get out of the train, but I am not convincing any of the party as its
not my destination and I standstill there. Finally, the train depart and I take a deep
breath with few words “When people try to push you away from your goals,
just hold on tighter. Never let go.”
Fifth: As GTB Nagar passes, after 25mins of fighting to retain in my place I
finally get a seat. This make me believe that, “We should keep our eyes open and
grab the opportunity, that will make our day”.
Sixth: Suddenly, after few minutes, I get to evidence the teary eyes of my copassenger, without being able to understand her untold story or getting the strength
to console her with some good words, I remain silent and my mind says, ”
Everyone has an interesting story and everyone is struggling to be the best”
Seventh: Finally when the train stops in CSMT station at 9:06a.m, and the
happiness of reaching class on time. My smile says, “All the struggles are worth
Life is a roller coaster , but then if you enjoy the ride, you will get the best
memories and learning from it.

CA Ankita Agarwal, Working as a consultant with KPMG in Dubai (UAE)

Name: CA Ankita Agarwal

Year of passing: 2013

Present profile: Working as a consultant with KPMG in Dubai (UAE)

“3 years of learning, growing and making endless kodak moments” – that’s how I would sum up my college
This year in May, when I came Tinsukia, I visited college. I thought I would feel different. Strange. It was
nostalgic. We may have lived out of our homes for years, but when we are back, the joy of experiencing
familiar surroundings is extraordinary. That’s how it was for me, just as I am sure it must be for other alumni
as well. The feeling was beyond words – meeting your Professors, seeing and learning from them how far
the college has come, reliving the golden days.
Today as I sit back and reminisce the journey, I can only say that it has been truly awesome. I still remember
the first day I entered the college and the journey till farewell, the college has given me so much. It has
helped me grow in so many ways. It has shaped me into what I am today.
Being a student of such a prestigious institute by itself was a blessing. It has been an amazing and exciting
journey and would not have been easy without my Professors under whom I got a chance to learn and
grow. Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement that you have provided me. I was
fortunate to have you as my mentors. Duarah Sir, Samal Sir, Rakesh Sir, Mridul Sir, Pawan Sir, Sweety Ma’am
and Lipika Ma’am- the lessons that I learned from you all is not just helping me in my career but in
everything I do.
Those stepping stones, those building blocks have made me achieve success. I will forever be grateful to
my Professors, to my alma mater for helping me become so capable that I have surpassed the goals that I
had once set for myself.
After completing my graduation, I qualified chartered accountancy from the Institute of Chartered
Accountants of India. Thereafter, I started working with Tata Consultancy Services Ltd in Bangalore and
KPMG in Gurgaon. At present, I am working with KPMG in Dubai. Being part of one of world’s top 4
accounting firms, is a privilege in itself.
There’s one thing that I would like to tell all my juniors- those passed out or studying currently- we are
fortunate enough to be part of GSLGC and should grab every opportunity this institution has to offer. Please
don’t restrict yourself to Tinsukia/Assam. The world is awaiting for champs like you. Go and explore!