Science and Superstitions

Science- The magic which can make everything impossible possible with the blink of an eye and superstition are self-imposed selfish believes, something imaginary yet unimaginable, disbelieves or more beliefs. Science and superstitions are poles apart. Yet they are the two indexes of the same coin. Science compliment superstitions in the same way as reasons compliment assumptions.
Let’s have a quick look at some superstitions with their scientific explanation:
The belief that we should not chew Tulsi leaves is known to all. The science behind this is that the tulsi leaves contain a little amount of arsenic. Thus, chewing directly could result in degradation of enamel.
Ever wondered why in a country like India menstruating women are considered impure? Women were not allowed in the kitchen, temples, mosques or other religious spots. They are not allowed to perform any religious or household duties. The reason is that at that point of time women were comparatively weak because of a lot of blood loss. So they are given complete rest. Moreover, ancient statues maintain certain equilibrium with the atmosphere and may collapse if any disturbance occurs. As women release a lot of blood during this period, they are not allowed inside the temple. Since this may cause a disturbance in the natural equilibrium and result in cracks in the idols.
We all have heard about ghosts residing in Peepal tree. Even today, the myth continues to prevail. But the scientific reason behind this is that the trees used carbon dioxide during the day and releases carbon dioxide at night. So when you sleep under the trees at night, the excess carbon dioxide can make you feel oppressed, which is associated with the feeling of being possessed by some spirits.
We must have heard about many other superstitions in our society such as unlucky black cats crossing roads etc. Some have strong scientific bases while some are just selfish assumptions. Being the modern day’s youth, it’s our responsibilities to respect the knowledge of our ancestors but also say no to selfish beliefs.

Name-Ishita Sarkar
1st Semester, 2020.


The EMI moratorium imposed by RBI lays an impact on the HFC, NBFC , Banking Industry both in a way of benefits the three months moratorium offered by RBI to all loan borrowers in this pandemic situation which perhaps would have come or as blessings to some , who had a hard impact on their regular income cash flow but nevertheless , it also has come with a price to pay.
On March 27, the RBI through an official notification announced the contours of the COVID-19 regulatory package. The EMI moratorium was one of the relief packages. Normally, if we don’t pay EMI on time, there are a whole host of penalties, and, plus, we become a defaulter. Hence, a time period of three months is more than generous and allows us to arrange our finances without becoming a defaulter. Also, the non-payment of EMIs causes bad effects on credit rating. Moreover, the EMI moratorium is not free. It has costs attached to it. The RBI has allowed lenders to change interest during the moratorium period, there will be interest effects. The end result is that after the three month moratorium period, either your EMI will go up or your existing loan tenure will get longer. This is the bad part.
HBFC is the leading housing finance company with a massive market share. Moratorium is an option being provided by HBFC to its customers whose accounts are standard as of February 29, 2020, and who are facing financial difficulty due to low cash flows or pay cuts caused by the corona-virus outbreak.
Bajaj Finance is one of the biggest NBFC s in India, it is an arm of Bajaj Finserv. Bajaj Finance Ltd. Offering a moratorium to its customers with a consistent loan repayment track record. To become eligible for the moratorium, customers should have no more than 2-EMIs overdue in any of their loans as of February 29, 2020. Customers have to write an email requesting a moratorium.

1st semester, 2020

Life is beautiful but not a bed of roses

There are a lot of stresses all around us these days. Most people complain about problems at office, issues in relationship and the growing competition in various fields. People are so engrossed in dealing with these issues that they don’t see the real beauty of life. There is so much more to life than these things. In fact, if we look at life closely, we will realize how beautiful it is. God has given us everything in abundance. This is evident when we look at nature. The tress, plants, rivers and sunlight – everything is in abundance, and so is the energy that resides within us. This is the beauty of life.

However, this is not to say that life is a bed of roses. It is not! The problems and concerns of people are genuine. The rich, the poor, the educated, the uneducated, the beautiful and not so beautiful – everyone has his/her set of problems. However, we need to understand that this is how life is. If everything came easy, we would not really value it.

Life is beautiful in its own way, and we should look for reasons to enjoy it and embrace its beauty amid the issues we are dealing with.

Here’s a very inspirational story that can inspire us—Rowan Atkinson was born in a middle class family, he suffered terribly as a child because of his stuttering. He was also teased and bullied at school because of his looks. Bullies thought he looked like an alien, and he didn’t have many friends. So, he went to Science. One of his teachers said there was nothing outstanding about him, and I didn’t expect him to become a fantastic scientist. But he proved everyone wrong and got admitted at Oxford University. During his days at Oxford University, he started falling in love with acting but couldn’t perform due to his speaking disorder, so he got his degree in electronic engineering before appearing in any TV show. So after getting his degree, he decided to pursue his dreams and become an actor, so he enrolled in a comedy group. But again, his stammering got in the way, and a lot of TV shows rejected him.

Despite many rejections, he never stopped believing in himself. He had a great passion for making people laugh. And after all those problems he faced, now he is one of the most famous comedians, actor and well-known to all of us. Thus, this story teaches us the most important lesson that we should never give up. We should keep trying our best.

Name- Falak Khan
1st Semester, 2020.



“A nation’s strength ultimately consists in what it can do on its own and not in what it can borrow from others”. This quote by Indira Gandhi is what our present Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is trying to accomplish. A country can achieve success and will prosper when the people of that country are self-reliant and do not depend on the imports of goods, services and technologies of other countries. In such a pandemic when our nation is already standing among the top three countries who have the highest number of COVID-19 patients, our Prime Minister has taken a big step by banning a total of ’50 Chinese apps’ in India.


On the 12th of May 2020, Modi announced the economic package related to the coronavirus pandemic and mentioned the ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT INITIATIVE. The main aim of this programme is to make India ‘SELF-RELIANT’. During this pandemic, the Government of India (GOI) made the RBI infuse INR 20 lakh crore liquidity in the economy. More than 3000 MNCs were called to set up their base in India. The production in the domestic country was also increased upto 10 times creating a lot of employment opportunities. Also, the MNREGA scheme funded by the Government helped the migrated labourers to earn during this pandemic situation. The programme focused on promoting local goods, trying to make India a bigger and important part of the global economy and helping the three different sectors, i.e., primary, secondary and tertiary, to become strong and face competition. The ‘Self Reliant India’ initiative wants to protect ‘infant industries’, boost private sectors and change the definition of MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises). Also on the occasion of Independence Day, Modi ji focused on the ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ scheme again, which is a repackaged version of this initiative. New taglines ‘vocal for local’ were introduced. Many people had confused themselves with the terms — Self Reliant and Self Sufficiency. But our Finance Minister in his speech clarified that ‘Atmanibhar Bharat’ does not mean to cut off from the rest of the world but is to produce upto our potential and to increase FDI (foreign direct investment). India, a nation suffering from trade deficit due to huge imports, will be able to correct it’s BOP.


The call for banning of Chinese apps and products and promoting ‘Made in India’ first showed some difficulty in practical as billion worth of imports was done every year, but now the imports have fallen to 25% as compared to 2019. Not only this, but our Defense Minister, Mr Rajnath Singh, announced that the Defence Ministry is now ready for a big push by imposing an import embargo on 101 items in a staged manner for over 5 years.



If this programme launched by the Indian government is implemented by all, a drastic change will come soon which will lead to an improved and standardised living environment. It will make India a country which will have people no longer begging for food, below the poverty line and will instead lead to improve all political, social and economical factors of our country.


“Self-reliance is the only road to true freedom, and being in one’s own place is the ultimate reward”.


Name- Anusha Agarwal and Khushi Gupta

1st Semester,2020.


Pretty – a word too feminine for its own good. Whenever we call someone pretty, our minds instantly race to those faces in front of the magazine stand that left us staring, those leggy beauties who walk the ramps across the world, the one that are all over the television and can even be spotted hung upon the billboards right from your window seat while you are stuck in traffic. These women rule, no doubt. Yet none of them feature in the top ten most powerful women in the world. Why? Because women choose to look professional over pretty in real life.

Pretty definitely requires two things: time and effort. Sometimes the women on top constantly run out of time to look pretty. Maybe that explains why most woman leaders throughout history have short bobs, be it Indira Gandhi, Angela Markel or Theresa May. Although May claims to love fashion, she doesn’t exactly come out as a fashionista to most of us, does she?

Even in the 21st century, “pretty” and “powerful” have still not managed to become mates. We are so used to watching powerful women dispose of “pretty” that the world has become quite sexist in their views on “pretty”.“Pretty” is not a word that should make us feel disempowered. Powerful women definitely have no pressure to look pretty, but the world needs to accept that being pretty doesn’t make women lose their power.

It is high time we stop perceiving pretty to be too feminine or too weak. So, the next time you see a pretty girl passing by in stilettos, don’t immediately think of her as stupid because she might just turn back and snap at you with the “stiletto wit” that she is endowed with.

1st semester, 2020.



The word pandemic refers to an outbreak of a disease prevalent over the whole country or the world. The year 2020 will be remembered by all throughout their lives because of COVID-19 (Corona virus), a global pandemic. Many people lost their lives due to this dangerous virus which was reportedly leaked from the Wuhan lab (China) in 2019.
On 24th March, 2020, the Indian government announced 21 days lock-down for the whole nation. CBSE remaining board exams got cancelled, schools, colleges, temples, mosques were closed. This was the time when people started to think on how to get benefitted from the technologies.
Then, that was when “WORK FROM HOME” was initiated. Firstly, it created a little chaos among the people, but gradually they got habituated. This epidemic made people understand that work can also be done by sitting far away from one country to another country. People don’t need to be present physically in that place, but instead, they can be far away and conduct important meetings virtually. This initiated virtual learning. Many companies came to know that they don’t need an actual place to have a company; instead, they can just have a company online where people can work from home. And also, people understood that they don’t need to pay a huge rent for living near their work place or even near educational institutions. Even many educational institutions started to offer courses online.
Pandemic occurred which was really devastating for the people who lost their loved ones, but this also taught people to spend time with their families, and also it made people realize how animals and birds feel when they are caged, after spending near about 6 months (and more to go) at home locked.
At last, people should stay safe at home, use a mask whenever they are out, sanitize their hands and also maintain physical distancing till the vaccine is out.
Thank you.

Name- Isha Lala
1st semester, 2020


Ransom Riggs once said “Strange, I thought, how you can be living your dreams and your nightmares at the very same time”. I decided to start with this quote to make people realize that just like we individuals chase our dreams, in a very similar way nightmares also chase us. It’s like a shadow that hardly leaves us. Just like people want to live their dreams they also have to survive nightmares. While I was surfing the internet I came across this quote which read “Only happy people have nightmares, from overeating. For those who live a nightmare reality, sleep is a black hole, lost in time, like death”. This quote made me give a second thought about nightmares that whether we should actually have cold feet or we have just overrated them. My mind made me reach to a conclusion that for depressed people their nightmares and reality are same but for people who are optimistic about their future, they are naturally anxious about nightmares. As an individual having positive approach regarding life and aspirations, nightmares make me feel depressed and sometimes I feel that nightmares should come with a statutory warning and a skip button but unfortunately our mind are not yet so developed.
As a child our dreams are often very limited and so are our nightmares. Being a fun loving child I often dreamt about having enough candies in my pocket and playing all day long with my cousins. Back then staying away from my parents used to be a sort of nightmare for me. Then as I grew up I used to think that maybe losing my grace and beauty is one of the most dreadful things that can ever happen to me. As a teenager we become more possessive about our body and our beauty. We think that the beauty that we possess will suddenly cease to be ours and that become our worst nightmare. But as I came out of my juvenile phase I realized that beauty has got a bubble-reputation and beauty is not superficial rather it is defined by the nobility of our soul. Now as a grown up when I reflect on these childhood thoughts I feel that I was very innocent to think the worst thing that can ever happen to me. Childhood nightmares no more haunt me rather it makes me laugh at my innocence which has ceased to be mine. I feel that with age not only our conscious mind develops and gets matured even our unconscious mind gets cultured.
At the age of 18 the nightmare that haunts me is losing all my knowledge. Even thinking about this gives me goose bumps that one day I might wake up and little of the knowledge that I have gained in all these years shall vanish. My brain shall once again reach that embryonic state where once again it has to be freshly fed by experiences and various learning. Being somewhat good in academics and being a keen learner this nightmare had a profound impact on me. It made me constantly ask myself existential questions and if ever the nightmare comes true what shall happen to me and people around me. If at the age of 18 I lose all my knowledge I feel that I will reduce to a mere body whose soul has departed to a wandering land. When we lose knowledge we lose everything that was once ours whether it is our personality, our ethics or our approach towards life. Knowledge is the fundamental thing that a person should have in order to thrive and not just survive and with no knowledge I would be referred to as pig-ignorant or unworldly. Our knowledge shapes our thinking process and just imagine that one day you will be ceased to have a thinking process of your own(doesn’t that make you give a second thought about yourself) . In the language of computers all I can say that our brain will shut down and once that happens to me I would have no purpose of living a life. Now I feel that with age even our nightmares become more matured and developed. From having the nightmare of losing chocolates to the nightmare of losing knowledge I have had a better understanding about life and its prospects and all I can say that losing my knowledge is the worst nightmare that I have ever had. This nightmare has sent a chill down my spines that with all my knowledge lost I would become a captivated girl who would never be able to break herself free from the shackles of ignorance.  My status would be that of a benighted girl in the world of learned and intellects and when I shall look into the mirror I would be perplexed about my oneself and rambling in the woods of pity and ignorance.
– Rimakshi Bhadra


I saw till the end of the horizon

But could see only darkness

I heard till the end of the songs

But could hear only silence

I smelled the flowers in all the gardens

But could not find the fragrance

And I even tried to feel the sun against my skin

And even it felt numb and cold and without hope

I wish I could get my senses again

My hopes, my desires or at least my pain

I wish I could live my dreams again

I wish that I was not late, not so late!

By Muskan Borar

B. Com ( Sem 1)


See that farmer who is sweating
and the other who died waiting
Their pains and hardships have crossed the range
But still they are waiting for a fresh change

Hear the women who are screaming
and the boy who couldn’t fulfill what he was dreaming
Their dreams and capabilities want a stage
And so they are waiting for a change

Feel the pains of the youth depressed
And the people whose voices were suppressed

And so let us begin a change

For those who are waiting for a change
– by Muskan Borar ( 1st sem)

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