College Picnic 2016 – 19 Dec 2016


People talk of memorials in the form of statues or marbles. What shall we pay to the beauty of nature that has shown us the way to live and the way to love the splendid representation of the ground endowed with purples skies and heavenly aura of satisfaction. That morning was the hour of joy when among the several, even the strangers became an acquaintance. The temptation of the food to the time of giggles and chatters in the four-wheeler to the celebration of the magnificent day with fellowmen made every individual feel blessed by heart and soul. Unquestionably, moments like that of 19.12.16 are amongst those that money can not buy. All the smiling faces turns from solitude to getting mingled that enhanced the spirit of everyone, exhibited pleasure amongst all. All this brings me to the point at which I ask myself , “ what do we do with all that time which makes the time beautiful but by making it pleasant.”