The present day expansive and comprehensive global market presents amazing and excellent career opportunities in different fields. And the catalysts in the process are the large number of prestigious institutions coming up in different sectors. It would be completely wrong if the name of business schools or b-schools is not taken in this regard.A business school is a high-level educational institution in which students study subjects relating to business and commerce. Over the period of time, a large number of such institutions are mushrooming in India. But are they really effective?
Although India is the land of some elite business schools like the IIMs but the local institutions fail to serve their purpose. Our former Prime Minister , Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru came up with these institutions to promote entreprenurship, however they have mostly helped in promotion of high salary jobs. Unfortunately, there are certain institutes which are simply luring students regarding getting high-salary job and taking huge amount of fees.Moreover,the focus is more on curriculum than the required practical knowledge. Another important reason which raises a question on the effectiveness of b-schools is the fact that certain local institutions simply copy-cat the western style which make them ineffective for Indian business environment.
So, it is very important that these institutions should change their style of teaching and develop a style suited to the Indian economy. The education needs to be more career oriented and not just degree oriented. More focus should be given on the practical aspect to make the institutions effective. We cannot ignore the fact that the exposure of becoming an entrepreneur is brought by these B-schools only. Hence all necessary steps must be taken to make these business schools effective and globally recognised.

-Muskan Borar
B.Com (Sem 1)