LESSONS OF LIFE! BY Twinkle Mandhania, B.Com, 5th


Once, I found myself between the level of insanity,

Cause I was blames for being a demotivating soul!

Once, I fund myself above the limit of foolishness,

Where I learned that things never remain the same as it is today,

As beautiful as a flower roll!!

Many a times, its above obvious that I think and sob,

About all that happened behind that silent knob!

Wasn’t creepy, until fate acted the course of non wisdom,

Unfortunate results made me stronger and perfect for some act of system!!

Would ever this situation end?

I thought recklessly!

And then rose a voice of love from high above,

That turned the fire of suffering,

Into the molten smoke of blessings very easily!!

Never lose hope, he said!

Never drown your soul, he said!

I was delighted and I smiled!

He thundered and prompted

Don’t seek happiness its not easy!

Work hard and have faith

Ill make this moment worth and freezy!

I learned about the temporary disagreements of life and carefree secrets!

Promised with me, to stay cherished no matter how much life offers us these pages of mess!!!