VISION OF A BETTER WORLD By Twinkle Mandhania.  

We all have eyes, but seeing is an art, how do we go about identifying the good and how do we differentiate the good and how do we differentiate between a winner or a looser. Sometimes what is missing is as informative and subjective as what is found. Distinctly every question itself is the head and tail of its solution. What is lost and where it was lost itself is the treasure of its origin! We travel long miles to hunt for the solution of the maze that life offers, but probably the upsetting route makes our mind the subtle hints that is offered to us which makes us march towards a path that should not be walked upon.

The distracted looses and the insecured individuals wander around the world to rejoice their emptied life and search peace and purity and the true meaning of happy life! They dream of better tomorrow by fulfilling the materialistic desires but what time says us to undertake, we look at it with no peer attention and thus we take a move. What time and life tells us is not to run after peace, but to look at the world with the vision of heart and not by eyes of numeric values and unrealistic or temporary up gradations!

Peace is something that is within our own self. Peace is a child secured with three meals a day, peace is a woman contented, peace is a man filled with hopes and aspirations, peace is a family at prayer, a neighborhood that is friendly, a society that is optimistic, a city that is urban and is endowed with values, a nation that is united, a world that is armed with the greatest and most effective weapon ever known, KINDNESS and HOSPITALITY! It’s all about the way we want to look at everybody out here. It’s all about human understanding. It’s all about a life that has a simple yet a fanciful meaning.