Which career to opt for?

A: Hey B! What have you decided to do after your graduation?

B: I am thinking of going for LLB.

These words may not be some

unately, many of us are still core trying to remove this confusion by sharing a way to choose career, effectively.

A: And why did you choose this?

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B: This is obviously because I had a keen interest on

nfused which career they should choose for their future.

Here, through this article we a

this subject since and I had always thought for this profession. According to our Hindidialogues, “humein wahi karna chahiye Jo humara dil kahe”.

C: “Lekin mera dil to kuch kehta hi nahi.”

This is the major problem what we faceis we don’t know which direction we should go to. Dil kyakehta hai means what we are passionate about. It’s not that humara dil kuch ni kehta but rather hum nisamajhpaateki humara dil kyakehrahahai. The reason why people are so confused about their career is because they don’t know what they are passionate about or rather they don’t know that which career suit their interest.

So here is a process that can solve this problem. This can be time consuming but we believe it is better to utilize some time in this than wasting our whole life by choosing a wrong career.

  1. First of all, find out all the possible courses that you can opt for according to your stream. For instance there are 100 of option for a commerce student which he/ she can go for courses like BCA, Cost Accountant, Chartered Accountant and the list goes on. There are various sources from where we can get to know about these courses but we would suggest getting it from internet would be better because it offers knowledge about all the available courses and other sources like recommendation from elders ETC cannot be that effective because it would provide a limited data.
  2. Once we have got 100 of career option, we have to short list it to 15-20 profession keeping in mind our nature, our likings, our passion and what we feel like we can do.
  3. Next we have to strike out some career option but this time our criteria should be feasibility and affordability of the course. E.g. there are certain courses which may not be available in nearby places and few of us may even be homesick to live away from home. So let’s ignore those and come up with3-4 professions.
  4. So finally we are left with 3-4 options but it may not be possible that we go with all these 3-4. So this is the most crucial stage where we have to choose only 1-2 among those and that will be our future profession(s). So we should take this decision very wisely so that we don’t need to regret in our future.

A: But you know we have already missed that opportunity?

B: how?

A: We have already cleared our 10+2 and many of us have not secured good marks in +2.

C: yes! All the doors of opportunity have been closed for us as we cannot score 98-99%. Even after scoring 90+ we cannot get admission in the best colleges of the country as the cut off percentage is very high.

This is again a common believe. We feel our career is finish if we cannot score good marks in +2. But friends it is just the beginning – the first hurdle of the race of life. We would explain this by an example- Suppose you are batsman and you are going to bat your very first ball. But unfortunately you missed it. So at that moment what will you do? Leave the pitch and cry for that ball or do your best in the remaining balls. Of course we will be choosing the second option so why cannot we apply it in the pitch of our life? Our 10+2 was the first ball which many of us have missed but there ismany other opportunities that we will get in future and we should grab to excel in our life.

A: But what about the criticism that we get! We often have more opposers than supporters. And we know that whenever we try to choose anything new we get so many criticisms that many of may even drop out the plan.

B: So what to do in that situation?

True! We often come across such people but this time we won’t let them ruin our career. To such sort of people, who advices us not to opt for these thing, ask a simple question “WHY?” And we guarantee that 90% of the people would not have any valid reason for opposing you. It can be because they cannot attain success in that career. But this fact cannot be considered as we are different from each other and our capabilities also differ. So it is nothing that a task which they were unable to do, cannot be done by anyone. The rest 10% may have a valid reason so listen to them, analyse it and make a good use of it, but never change your decision according to it.

So here we end our article. We hope that spending your valuable time for reading this article proves to be beneficial for all.


Alisha Parwin, Diksha Mittal, PannaviAgarwal, MuskanAgarwal, TanishaAgarwal, HeenaAgarwal, Amrita Saha, PalakAgarwal, ShrutiGohain.