Women empowerment is a must for the betterment of any country’s
future as they play dual responsibilities of managing their families while
simultaneously juggling to earn to contribute to fulfilling the material
needs of their families. No one can ever ignore the importance of the
role of a mother, sister, or a daughter in their families. At the same
time, women have also established themselves as equal contributors in
managing the financial requirements of their homes.

Playing multiple roles in families, women have already proven their
worth, but still their condition on social and economic fronts has not
been up to the mark and in many parts of the world they are forced to
lead a miserable life. In such a scenario, it calls for immediate attention
to empower them and create a conducive environment for their social
and economic upliftment.

Women empowerment can be defined as a “process leading to
enhancing women’s control over financial, human and intellectual
resources in society”. In any nation, the women empowerment can be
measured by the extent of their involvement in social, economic and
political fields. Women can be made said to be truly empowered only
when all the factors such as self-worth of women, their right to control
their own lives, their ability to bring about social change, are addressed

Though women comprise almost half of the total percentages of
world’s population, they are still deprived of their rights in most of the
developing countries across the globe. Particularly in the South and
East Asian nations apart from the African countries, the women are
leading deprived lives, due to prevalent gender discrimination.

The situation of women in rural areas is more miserable
than their counterparts living in urban spaces. It has been widely
prevalent that the women are mostly deprived of an equal status vis-a-
vis men and thus they remain as passive beneficiaries in the societies in
these countries. They remain powerless, due to their less participation
and involvement in the generation of resources critical for
development. Therefore, women must become active partners with
men, if the goal of women empowerment is desired to be achieved in

To make the efforts leading to modernization of any society successful,
it is urgent to bring the women into the mainstream of development. We
need to strike a perfect balance between male and female contributors
in rural societies by providing equal opportunities to women without
being biased towards men.

For this to happen, it is required to empower women on all fronts:
social, economic, political as well as religious.

Means of Women Empowerment:-
Education: Without proper and adequate education, women cannot
become empowered individuals. They need to be encouraged to go for
higher studies so that they can contribute significantly to the creation of
a knowledge society.

Communication skills:- Without developing skills for effective
communication, women cannot make their voices heard. It is essential
for them to communicate effectively to become successful.
Disposable Income:- Women need to earn well to have their say in
important financial decisions governing their lives.

-Pawan Sharma, Faculty GSLG College